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Offering OSIsoft Application Development Services to the Manufacturing Industries.
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— OSIsoft Application Services —

  • AF SDK, PI Web API RESTful service
  • Coresight Extensibility
  • High Availability
  • PI Cloud Connect (e.g. MS Azure)
  • Historian and Tag Definition
  • DataLink, PI OPC, PI to PI, PI OPC, PI RDBMS, Perfmon, etc
  • PI SDK to AF SDK migration
  • Coresight to PI Vision upgrade
  • ProcessBook to PI Vision conversion
  • Batch conversion to Event Frames
  • PI Conversion from other Historians
  • ACE to PI Analytics
  • Dashboarding, KPI’s, Mobility (tablets and phones)

BKO Services provides services that utilize data from databases only, and never connects to control equipment in any way whatsoever, directly, or indirectly



— Experience —

  • Refining Business Management Integration:
    LP and Production Slates, Crude Trading, Acquisition, Crude Delivery and Blending, Laboratory and Offsites, Processing, Product Blending, Tank Farm Management, Product Lifting, Distribution, Retail and Marketing.
  • Intelligent Alarm Information Management Systems
  • Neural Net Based Target Generation Systems
  • Compressor Optimizers
  • Stochastic Optimizers
  • Simulators (Historic, Real-Time, and Predictive, Transient and Steady-State)
  • FPSO Process Data Integration, ship-to-shore, shore-to-home.
  • Electric Submersible Pump optimizers
  • Message Broker based Data Management, Data Distribution, and Data Display systems
  • Houston Based Central Control for World Wide Plant operations
  • OSI PI AF SDK development. .Net C#, VB.Net, Javascript, PI Web API and PI SDK and AF SDK development
  • PI Coresight Extensibility Model development, custom Coresight symbols using Javascript, AngularJS, PI Web API
  • PI Archive Servers, AF Servers, the PI Web API and Coresight Servers
  • PI Server, AF Server migration/upgrades, PIAF model design
  • ERCOT Market Participant. ERCOT Nodal Market systems in C#, ASP.Net, ADO.NET, Entity Framework 6
  • Full life cycle of the software design process including requirements definition, design, development, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance
  • Software development team management and support for Web and Windows based application development. Web Services
  • SCADA interface development. Implementing specific interfaces utilizing RDBMS and various SCADA related API’s. OPC. MODBUS, Message Brokers, Web Services

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